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Un-Clog sinks, tubs, toilets and most drains with a clean out for $50.00

Click Here For the best for less Drain Cleaning Equipment in the World. We're in the position to make almost any kind of "deal" you can imagine; from one machine to a thousand; and enough profits for even the middle-man to cram and jam his/her pockets with hundred dollar bills.

Main line stoppages start at $70.00 which means if there is a clean out that is opened and we do not have to work like a mule to get it off or out, by any means, cutting, applying fire around the hub, chisel and hammer, saws all, or whatever it takes. $70.00 if the Clean out is off, it cost more if we take it off, plus you supply the new clean out.
Lots of Main Line sewers do not have clean outs, but if they do, many owners do not know where they are. In that case, with the owner's permission we can clear the line from the Vent on the top the roof, which makes it a two man job. The Big Sewer Cleaning Machine weights approximately 300 lbs. so it sets on the ground next to the ladder, one man operates the machine, while the other stands on the roof next to the roof vent and feeds the cable with the razor sharp cutting blade on 11/16 dia. cable that is 200 feet long.
The above two men job from a roof vent will cost most of the time $90.00 depending on how easy or difficult the job is estimated and the estimate is free.
With the new crave of the Internet coming into our homes, putting up this Website has really helped promote our family drain cleaning biz. Now that you found it, feel free to bookmark it, and tell all of your other internet buddies where to find us next time you hear they have a clog drain or some plumbing problem.


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Allow me to show you how the Buy Now Paypal button can be used for several type transastions; If you want to pay for something I'm selling; If you have a drain cleaning problem in New Orleans, surrounding area; click Buy Now, will accept many forms of payment, I'll tell you via phone or email how much to pay; out of state customers agree to pay in advance and most sewer cleaning jobs do not exceed $100.00.

Hoping that all of my wonderful customers will continue using our services and refer all the people you know.
Katrina took a lot from all of us, so now in order for us to get back where we were,

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